Single layer dust mask

Single layer dust mask

Material: Non-woven fabric
Style:single layer
Category: Dust Mask
Name:     Dust mask,safety mask,face mask
Material :non-woven fabric
Style:      single layer
  1. Soft to wear ,disposable
  2. Highly efficient,low  resistance
  3. Soft,light weight
  4. Hygienic,non-irritating to skin,odorless,and easier breathing
  5. Later or free ear band optional
  6. Perfect fitting:Adjustable inner and outer nosepiece,suitable to any face and ensure comfortable wearing
  7. High filtration effciciency and low resistance,comfortable and reliable and reliable protection,effectively resist toxic and tiny micron particles against nuisance organic acid vapors
  8. Application:
  9. Applied to the following operation environments
  10. Gardening ,dentistry,family cleaning,carpentry,metal-processing,agriculture.etc.

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